You Have Top Talent, Now What?

“Starting a job at a new company can be a very overwhelming experience. It is a priority at Howell to provide a new employee with a positive, thorough and interactive onboarding experience from day one. This requires us providing the right amount of information, in the right way, by the right person, at the right time. This will result in Howell having valuable employees, minimal turnover and a successful company.”

– Kristin Rasmussen, Professional Development and Project Coordinator

As the market continues to thrive, many companies in the greater Denver area are searching for top talent. We have found success with our new employees by following a few simple guidelines. These articles were summed up perfectly by an article we found on The Balance. The full article can be found here.

1. Listen to Their Ideas

Some of our best processes and innovations at Howell have come from new personnel. By providing new employees the opportunity to evaluate different aspects of our business, we have been able to evolve into a more efficient and effective company.

2. Protect Your Senior Employees

Our success is attributed to our employees. Senior staff have watched our company grow at a rapid pace and it is important to support them throughout that change. Often times, we focus our energy in training new employees, but it’s critical to remember that senior employees deserve the same amount of training and attention.

3. Use Senior Employees as Mentors

We have developed a mentorship program in which newer staff is paired with more senior staff to learn more about company history, processes, culture and ask questions as they navigate their career. Senior employees play a vital part in the “new generation” at Howell.

4. Set Realistic Goals

The construction industry is unique in that it is experiential over time. It is important to evaluate all the factors influencing your new employees and set realistic expectations on an individual basis. This not only helps the employee keep focused on the stated goals, but helps managers create a sense of achievement with the milestones new employees hit.


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