DH Pace Office Tenant Improvement & Parking Expansion

Denver, CO (October 21, 2020) – DH Pace has been expanding their services and facilities throughout the last couple of years across the country. Howell Construction renovated their Denver residential manufacturing facility located at 4200 North Monaco Street. The project consisted of adding a second floor to house their operations team and rework of their exterior layout to accommodate additional parking spots as well as to improve their shipping and receiving services.

Work scope included new offices, conference rooms, IT Rooms, and six new bathrooms, along with unit heaters throughout the 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. In addition, the truck service center was updated, site lighting was improved, mechanical and electrical rooms were upgraded, and a completely new fire sprinkler system was installed throughout the facility. Additional construction components included new material racking, RTU’s, structural steel, footings, an exterior curtain wall system, two new drive aprons, asphalt and concrete parking lots, as well as sidewalks and landscaping.

“Working with GastingerWalker& Architecture, the DH Pace Kansas City team, and the local DH Pace team created a highly collaborative approach and made this an exciting project to work on,” said Scott Komula, Project Manager for Howell Construction.

DH Pace is a provider of commercial and residential doors, frames, hardware, and overhead doors. They have multiple locations throughout the United States with operations located in Colorado.

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