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Shea Properties – Central Park & Chopstix

The Shea Properties Central Park Retail Shops project included full development of an 11-acre site in Highlands Ranch with the construction of eight (8) new core and shell retail buildings. Scope of work included over-excavation and re-compaction to a depth of 18’ below each building pad, underground utilities (storm, water, sanitary), building foundations comprised of spread footings with slab on grade, and structural steel building frames. A variety of building claddings were used including stone, metal and composite sidings, and stucco. Howell also engaged local vendors to design-build five (5) monument signs on a site which includes a parking lot with 570 stalls, extensive landscaping, and dry stack retaining walls.

The Sheriff Towers “Chopstix” project included horizontal development of a public park, a new radio tower and a new utility building. “Chopstix” refers to the radio tower that is comprised of three (3) large tapered steel poles, the tallest of which is 150’ above grade, and will support a new radio system for the Douglas County Sheriff Department. The towers also serve as public art, and the decorative concrete plaza around the poles provide a space for people to gather. The utility building next to the plaza will house the radio equipment, generator, and public restrooms.

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