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Hyatt Regency Hotel – Multiple Renovation Projects

Howell worked with the Hyatt team during preconstruction to determine the best way to minimize the construction impact to the hotel’s guests and booking schedule, while accomplishing a very aggressive schedule in remodeling 1,100 rooms in just 4½ months. This required working two, 10-hour shifts daily, six days a week. Additionally, Howell created highly detailed logistics plans that allowed for hotel operations to continue with an 85% occupancy while moving extensive amounts of material without impacting Hyatt guests.

Howell also successfully completed the Hyatt’s Regency Club and Convention Space and is currently working on renovations to Food and Beverage Venues and the 3rd Floor Conference Rooms.

Scope of work included new finishes (carpet, wall coverings, paint, lighting, tile reconditioning, doors, and accessories), all corridors, lobbies, and common spaces.

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