Denver Health & Hospital Authority – Green Gateway

The Green Gateway project redeveloped the heart of the Denver Health Campus. All work was performed while maintaining patient, visitor and employee access to adjacent facilities. Logistically, this was an extremely challenging project including the following scopes of work:

  • Glazed steel canopy structures at Pavilions A, B, and C entries
  • Glycol Snowmelt System at Pavilions A, B, and C paving areas
  • Removal and replacement of hardscape and landscape at the core campus
  • Road infrastructure and parking realignment
  • Revised storm drainage infrastructure, including two (2) new retention ponds with drainage structures and retaining walls
  • Replacement of water service utilities
  • Remediation of waterproofing at existing underground tunnel infrastructure
  • Structural shoring and bridging of subsurface tunnel infrastructure

The above scope of work was accomplished through multiple phases around patient access and traffic flow to all medical pavilions within the center of the Denver Health Campus.

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