Avista Adventist Hospital – MRI Replacement

Howell Construction completed the Avista Adventist Hospital MRI Replacement project in two mobilizations. In the Spring of 2018, Howell set up the infrastructure to support a mobile MRI trailer provided by Avista to service patients while the renovation took place. This consisted of the demolition and reinstallation of landscape islands, along with 225 square feet of structural concrete pads with temporary electrical services to feed the new MRI trailer. We also installed new concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk to service the new trailer and continue as a permanent fixture once the project was complete.

In May of 2018, Howell began the second mobilization after the mobile MRI was up and running. We worked closely with GE as an Owner vendor who supplied equipment that serviced the MRI along with the machine itself. We also assisted in the removal of the existing machine.

The remodel included a heavy MEP package. Howell furnished and installed a new CRAC unit and exhaust fan to service the new space and equipment. New chilled water lines were also installed and the cryogen vent was reworked. In addition, Howell reworked all of the RF shielding in the MRI Exam Room.

New millwork, flooring, paint, doors, and wall protection finishes were installed throughout Avista’s storage and MRI offices. We also built-out a new lounge for the staff.

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