Motor & Gearbox Repair Factory Building 

Howell Construction successfully completed the 56,000 square-foot buildout of the Motor & Gearbox Repair Factory Building for Wazee Electric Timken Motors & Crane. Construction included 24” thickened pad structures to support new and relocated owner equipment, and 50 new caissons inside the existing factory building as foundational supports for a 30-ton crane system.

The riskiest work element on the project was construction of a 15’-0” deep reservoir pit to house two new Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) tanks. The Howell team coordinated closely with Chesley Alexander-Architect and engineering consultants, excavator, shoring contractor, concrete contractors, and safety professionals to provide a plan of action and sequence to safely build this confined space. Construction to support the owner’s industrial specialty equipment required close coordination with the owner and their vendors, contributing to the overall success of the project and providing Wazee Electric with a fully functional motor repair shop.


Wazee Electric

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Chesley Alexander-Architect