Corporate Headquarters

Howell Construction renovated 350,000 SF of a 500,000 SF building as tenant improvements for DigitalGlobe’s new corporate headquarters. located in Westminster The first phase of work included several electronics lab spaces, a new main data facility and a new fiber optic network structure to ten renovated IDF locations. Other scope of work included the creation of a new lobby entry with unclassified visitor conference rooms, restrooms, security center, an expanded food service facility, and new gyms and locker rooms.

At the beginning of the design process, our team spearheaded a thorough retro-commissioning study to evaluate the energy performance of the existing building. We found serious controls and systems maintenance issues that were causing this building to consume three times the rate of a standard office building. Howell led the effort to correct these issues and have brought energy efficiency to code compliant levels.

Additionally, as design was nearing completion, our team was tasked to substantially reduce the project costs to fit our client's revised budget. We worked with our key subcontractors to develop a solution to provide mission critical resources utilizing existing and relocated equipment in lieu of purchasing new equipment, thus reducing the project budget by approximately $4,000,000 and hitting DigitalGlobe's target.


400,000 SF 



RNL Design


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